Frequently Asked Questions

Participants are required to be 16 years old to participate. Teenagers attending our fringe experiences will have several hours in the city without a staff member. They are required to check in through text every three hours and must give the director their daily agenda. They are required to travel in groups of three or more.

All levels are welcome. Beginning actors could be required to purchase additional coaching sessions with our coach or find their own means of training. This is the perfect time to jump into your dream role.

We will have a list of items that should be brought from home to fulfill your contribution. This may mean a tool or costume piece.

Please review the application to review transportation options for each fringe. If a minor is flying into the fringe city alone, parents may pay an additional charge to have them collected by our staff no matter if transportation is listed or not.

Please contact us for a sample schedule. You will find all the activities, workshops and classes that we will execute over the course of the program are quite limited. The fun and most beneficial time spent at the fringe is the FREE time to see as many free shows that you can squeeze in every day.

This program is targeted to those who are just beginning their careers, considering a theater career, ending a theater career or just simply want a three week stint of working in the theater. There is a place for every skill set and every theater interest.

Yes, but there is NO discount in tuition. Sometimes our rehearsals are in our sleeping areas so we insist that everyone be a paid housing participant.

As of 2019, this will be the 21 year as a residential program.

Participants reside in beautiful dormitories or hostels. Roommates are matched based on age and gender. You may request a roommate if you have a friend attending. A single room may be requested for a surcharge AND if one is available.

Once a participant begin coaching/rehearsal sessions, $300 of the fee is nonrefundable. The remainder of fees may be refunded until the participant accepts the role. Once the role has been accepted and it is less than 90 prior to the fringe meet date, there are no refunds. Over 90 days until our fringe meet date, 100% is refunded (minus $300).

Refunds may take up to 45 days to receive.