About the Fringe Experience

2019 Edinburgh Fringe
July 28th – August 11th 2019

Actors, Tech and Support Positions are Open to Ages 16 to 106.
$2900 add $1300 for round-trip airfare (most USA cities)

February – Actor, tech and support participants are evaluated with individual coaching and group Skype sessions.

March – Actors audition. Tech and support participants are assigned production duties. Measurements are taken for wardrobe.

April through June – Individual coaching and group rehearsal. TBD

July – Los Angeles based actors meet and rehearse on July 24th. Out of state/country cast and crew Skype in.

July 28th – Depart to Edinburgh, Scotland to arrive on July 29th.

July 29th – Move into lovely dorm rooms on the University of Edinburgh Campus and meet the cast, crew and support. Read though script. Review the show and tour schedule and book tickets to the productions that may sell out (choices are both included and not included which may lead to additional fee’s).

July 30th to August 1st – Rehearsal from 9 to 4pm daily. Optional evening tours and sightseeing (choices are both included and not included which may lead to additional fee’s).

August 2nd – August 10th – HERE WE GO! The awesomely festive fun begins. We will meet other performers, tech and spectators from every corner of the globe. Before and after our production, our participants may choose from HUNDREDS of shows per day at NO additional charge.

August 11th – Morning tea on the Royal Mile, check out of the dorm and head off to the airport.

What is included:

  • Double occupancy room in upscale university housing (call for single upgrade cost and availability)
  • Production fee’s
  • Festival bus pass for all days
  • Preprogram activities- technical/design development, lessons, audition and rehearsals
  • Touring, free shows and TRAVEL FUN!

What is NOT included:

  • Food. It is purchased individually and stored in our community kitchen
  • Optional tours and shows
  • Airfare and transportation to the University of Edinburgh site unless the participant is arriving with staff from Los Angeles
  • $150 costume/materials fee paid directly to the costume designer
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Everyone is cast in the production. Of course our stronger actors may acquire a larger part but EVERYONE will be coached to deliver a rewarding performance. We begin casting via Skype. Actors will meet with the Director via Skype at least twice per month. After we rehearse for several days in person, we perform 9 shows in the heart of the Fringe. This experience about the incredible opportunities in networking, a ‘standout’ stage credit and a mound of training and career opportunities that are being advertised. Over the course of our team work and travel, participants will forge friendships and have experiences that they will remember FOREVER!

Stage Crew and Support

We welcome those with interest in ALL areas of general support (production assistants), theater technology and/or Design. Once registered, our technical directors will begin by identifying one or several areas of interest, the level of experience and what the participant aims to accomplish from this experience. We assign positions in March. This commitment may require Skype meetings with those in one or several areas of tech and design. Upon our first meeting, we will begin to execute all of the plans we’ve put in place for an amazing show.